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At Body Sculpting Med Spa, we are pleased to offer some of the finest beauty treatments for our clients seeking to look their best. One of the treatments we offer to help our clients look younger is RADIESSE®, a comfortable treatment we offer that uses advanced injectable wrinkle filler to plump your skin and restore a more youthful appearance instantly.

This is important because your skin naturally slows down making the compound collagen as you age. Collagen helps maintain your skin’s elasticity and structure. As the production of collagen goes down with age, you are more susceptible to those fine lines and wrinkles that crop up instead. But that’s not all, time also causes your facial volume to decrease as well, resulting in a more aged appearance.

Thanks to RADIESSE, a treatment which injects a gel solution containing calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres, we can instantly help you restore facial skin volume while lessening fine lines and wrinkles. Another benefit to Radiesse as it does its work is that it actually stimulates your body to create more collagen in general.

But RADIESSE isn’t just for the fine lines and wrinkles in your face, it can also be used to improve the appearance of your hands. Time can make the back of your hands appear older with its decrease in skin volume and make the veins more visible. Approved by the FDA-approved, RADIESSE can make your hands look healthier and more attractive instantly.

Your results with RADIESSE can last for up to a year or more, making it an effective investment in time as well as beauty. Look and feel younger by scheduling a treatment with our highly trained Body Sculpting Med Spa team in New York, New York. Give us a call at 212-989-6555 today!