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Looking to rejuvenate your face? One direction you can pursue is a liquid facelift consisting of multiple dermal filler options. These are great for giving you a more youthful, tighter appearance; since you tend to lose collagen (the key component in skin elasticity and structure) as you age. Losing this elasticity can be crucial making you can appear older than you actually are. A liquid facelift can be safely injected in multiple areas of the face by your doctor to give a more youthful appearance.

Some of the main dermal fillers you can use in a Liquid Facelift include:

– BOTOX®: As one of the most versatile injectable options, BOTOX has a well-known reputation but is definitely one of the best options for treatment. This is a medication injected into the muscles of the brow and your crow’s feet to temporarily treat these areas whether they are moderate or severe. It works by temporarily freezing the muscles so they cannot move. This can last for up to three to four months. Botox can be used to plump, lift and smooth out lines!

– JUVÉDERM®: One of the more prominent things we see as we age is the natural loss of volume in the cheeks and face. JUVÉDERM helps smooth out lines and restore volume by injecting this smooth gel filler. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component in your skin that tends to deteriorate over time. Juvederm lasts for up to 6months and creates natural and discreet results.

– RADIESSE®: This advanced filler uses calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres to volumize your skin and smooth out wrinkles. It continues to work as time goes on, helping the body produce more collagen. Restored collagen is left behind when the microspheres metabolize. This can also be used on your hands, not just your face! Magic!

– Sculptra® Aesthetic: If you’re looking for an even tighter facial treatment, Sculptra Aesthetic is a great solution. Instead of hyaluronic acid like most dermal fillers, it works by stimulating the natural collagen in your skin. It works overtime for a subtle appearance and increases volume and inner structure.

With each of these treatments, you can rely on the knowledge that there is no surgery, no incisions, and no scarring. This quick and comfortable treatment allows you to return to your daily routine quickly with no downtime (unless you feel the need). Results typically take about 24-48 hours to appear and voilà!

When you come to Body Sculpting Med Spa, our professionals will discuss with you which option is best for you and the look you desire. Our team of experienced injectors is trained to administer injectables to the body and face, for fat removal, a non-surgical butt lift, or even hand rejuvenation. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!