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Do you feel like your skin is loose or sagging? If so, Body Sculpting Med Spa has exciting news for you! Ultherapy® is a unique treatment that can naturally tighten and lift your skin successfully. The magic of Ultherapy can be found in the fantastic ultrasound technology used to apply the treatment.

The ultrasound technology utilized in Ultherapy treatments can target deep layers of your skin to improve the appearance of your skin. The technology allows us to see the layers of tissue that are being targeted in order to give a more flawless and exact treatment.

Ultherapy is exceptionally successful without the use of needles or incisions to create dramatic and beautiful results. In fact, Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment, which means no surgery is necessary and there is no downtime after your treatment session. As a result, you can get back into your day after your Ultherapy session.

The treatment begins with cleansing your skin around the targeted area. An ultrasound gel will be used and applied to target the areas you desire for treatment. The energy from the treatment targets the area and helps trigger collagen production to improve the youthful appearance of your skin, which will cause your skin to tighten and lift.

Ultherapy is most frequently used to lift the skin on your neck, under your chin, and even on your eyebrows. Furthermore, Ultherapy can be used to reduce and minimize fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. We will work with you to get the look you desire!

From the moment you walk into our office, our team is happy to spring into action and do what we can to help you feel comfortable and welcome during your stay and treatments. If you have any questions about this procedure, or would like to talk to a professional, our team welcomes you to give us a call at 212-989-6555 to make an appointment. Our team is located in New York City, NY, and is always happy to help you address any of your concerns about our treatments, so come in today for a consult!