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It’s not surprising to find that as women age, many are unsatisfied with the wrinkles that appear over time. The most common places are the face (forehead/brow), cheeks, neck and chest areas. If you are seeking to get rid of wrinkles in these regions, you may be asking yourself “What can I do to get rid of these?” Many women, including supermodel and spokesperson Christie Brinkley, are taking action and turning to the treatment Ultherapy.

This ultrasound technology is perfect for anyone looking for a non-invasive and FDA-cleared treatment. It utilizes the power of ultrasound to help produce more collagen, incorporating its first use of ultrasound imaging to help our professionals see the tissues. This way they can more effectively treat the area with the ultrasound. No cutting, no toxins, no needles and no surgery!

Without disrupting the skin, Ultherapy passes the epidermis (outer) layer of the skin to trigger a natural response for new collagen to reproduce. The entire process is as simple as the treatment; you start with a consultation to determine if you are a candidate. After booking your appointment, you simply come in (without any special preparation or changing your skin care regimen), then we proceed to do your treatment for up to 45 minutes to an hour.

Christie Brinkley, one of Ultherapy’s spokespersons, has continued to maintain her youthful glow past the age of 60, and she credits Ultherapy and healthy lifestyle for her young complexion. Brinkley’s doctor, Patricia Wexler, told People, “She wanted to look natural, and [Ultherapy] uses your body’s resources to stimulate new collagen and elastic tissue. It used to have a reputation for being very painful, the technology has changed, and now it’s very tolerable.”

With this technology continuously improving, Ultherapy continues to shine above other treatments for it’s quick and easy process, not to mention the fact there is no downtime after your session! If you have more questions about how you can get Ultherapy, give us a call today!