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Have you been hearing about microblading from your friends or on social media? This impressive beauty trend has been successfully helping people create the luscious eyebrows they desire. This Valentine’s Day, why not look and feel your best with the help of a microblading treatment to give you beautiful brows!

Using a technique of applying permanent makeup onto sparse eyebrows, we can fill in the gaps using a permanent makeup that acts like a tattoo for your brows. Microblading can fill in partial brows or replace missing brows altogether.

One of our Body Sculpting Med Spa technicians can help you design the perfect shape and position for your brows when you come in for a consultation. Not only can we help you find the best shape and position for your eyebrows, but we help you find a complementary color of micropigments to accent your skin tone and hair color.

Before we begin microblading your brows, our highly trained technician applies a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the treatment. Your health, safety and comfort are of prime importance to us. Then, individual hairs will be drawn onto the brow area to appear natural while defining your eyes. In the weeks following your initial treatment, the pigments will lighten up to 50% as the skin heals. You can prolong the effects of the microblading by taking good care of your skin.

Six weeks after the treatment, you will come back in for touch-ups. Touch-ups help prolong the colors used for the tattoo, and our licensed technician also makes sure that your micropigments are healing properly.

If you are wanting to improve the shape of your brows and you live in the New York, New York area, we invite you to check out how our microblading treatment can give your face the boost you desire. You can schedule a consultation at Body Sculpting Med Spa by calling 212-989-6555 today.