Differences Between DermaSweep & Traditional Microdermabrasion: Prices & Treatment
Find the treatments that best fit you and come to Body Sculpting Med Spa! Here, we prioritize the procedures that fit the needs of our patients. One of the great services we offer is the DermaSweep system. This system works similarly to traditional microdermabrasion, removing older skin cells and polishing the surface of the skin. However, a few significant differences make DermaSweep a preferred procedure for many of our patients.

Less Discomfort
Body Sculpting Med Spa can give you a more pleasant, less uncomfortable experience using our advanced brush system. Unlike crystals, our brushes are precise and less abrasive on the skin.

Less Cleanup
Traditional microdermabrasion can coat patients in a layer of crystals, while our brushes make cleanup easy!

More Unique to You
Have sensitive skin? Enjoy a gentler treatment and choose DermaSweep’s softer brush options. Depending on your needs, our practice can provide you with a brush type that works best for you.

Combine Treatments
Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, our doctor can perform other facial treatments — including laser hair removal, chemical peels and photofacials — before to your DermaSweep procedure. Find out all the ways we can improve your skin’s appearance at 212-989-6555!

Part of the DermaSweep treatment is the infusion of serums into the open pores of the skin. Each serum will be chosen based on any issues that need to be addressed, such as acne, discoloration or dryness.

Gentle on First-Time Patients
Our doctor may recommend this treatment if this is your first time getting a dermatological procedure. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it can both maintain healthy skin and address discoloration, acne, wrinkles and much more!

If you have any questions about our DermaSweep treatments in New York, New York, call or stop by today!

DermaSweep FAQs

What is the DermaSweep treatment?

With DermaSweep, patients are treated with a brush and vacuum system that removes dead skin from the surface of the skin and then treats the remaining layers with a series of revitalizing serums.

What does the treatment help with?

DermaSweep can help skin that suffers from acne, scarring, pigmentation issues, aging or dryness.

How is DermaSweep different than just microdermabrasion?

DermaSweep uses brushes instead of traditional crystals. Not only can DermaSweep be used with other dermatological treatments, it is also gentler on the patient’s skin.

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