The current special Dr. Jennifer Walden and her skilled nurse injectors are proud providers of the O-Shot® which helps women have control over their sexual needs and wellness!

The O-Shot is surgery-free and usually painless. The procedure can quickly be provided in our office by itself or to complement our vaginal rejuvenation treatments and sexual wellness program. The O-Shot in New York, New York, can offer relief to women who struggle with medical symptoms connected to vaginal elasticity.

Women often suffer from a variety of vaginal issues, which the O-Shot can address! This shot can lessen or eliminate urinary leakage. In addition, chronic pain caused by a history of vaginal childbirth can be lessened with this shot, and sexual wellness issues can also be addressed. Difficulty reaching an orgasm, low libido, and pain during intercourse can all be improved with the O-Shot.

The O-Shot procedure doesn’t require surgery and is about a 30 minute long procedure. When you come to our office, we will take a simple blood draw from which platelet-rich plasma can be extracted. The plasma is injected near the numbed clitoris and upper vagina, where it can revitalize the cells and blood supply.

To learn more about the O-Shot and to schedule a visit with our doctor and staff, contact Body Sculpting Med Spa at 212-989-6555 today. We look forward to helping you reach optimal sexual health.

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The O-Shot FAQs

What Does the O-Shot Treat?

The O-Shot can provide relief from many symptoms, including:

  • Urinary leakage when you jump, laugh, cough, or sneeze, or from the urgency of urination
  • Decreased ability to achieve orgasm
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Low libido, or sex drive
  • Chronic pain from a history of vaginal childbirth (episiotomy scars)

How Is the O-Shot Procedure Performed?

Our doctor will perform a simple blood draw and extract platelet-rich plasma. An area near the clitoris and upper vagina is numbed and the plasma is injected. The plasma causes a renewal of the cells and blood supply to the tissue in the area of injection.

What Are the Benefits of the O-Shot?

The many benefits of the O-Shot include:

  • Increased sex drive (libido)
  • Increased sexual sensitivity
  • Increased skin tightness in the vaginal area
  • Decreased urinary leakage
  • No down time!

*Results may vary.

Do I Need to Abstain From Intercourse After the O-Shot?

You can immediately go back to working, exercising, and even having intercourse!

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