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Are you in the 0.5-2% of people who suffer from hypopigmentation? You may not know what hypopigmentation even is when you first hear it, but you know it when you see it! Hypopigmentation can be the result of several different causes including trauma/injury to the skin, infections or disease, and is ultimately the loss of skin color as the result of the destruction of melanocytes in the basal layer of skin. This can include scars, vitiligo and even alopecia! Expectant mothers lacking in B12 and iron are more susceptible to vitiligo, however, it is not infectious or contagious!

This cosmetic cover-up is applied similarly to a tattoo to give the appearance of makeup or smooth skin. It can be used to emphasize the eyes, highlight eyebrows, and even disguise hypopigmentation or alopecia. The needles used in the micropigmentation pen are much finer than a regular tattoo artist, as the facial dermis has higher sensitivity as it is so thin.

Vitiligo is one of the most common examples, and it is believed to be the result of an autoimmune disease according to research. This is when smooth, white patches appear on the skin and can cover anywhere from the face to different parts of the body.

Another condition permanent makeup can help is alopecia. There are two common types, alopecia areata (round patches) and alopecia totalis (complete baldness and/or loss of facial hair). Through the use of permanent makeup, these areas can be camouflaged by evening out the pigmentation in your skin and creating a speckled effect to disguise hair loss.

These different skin types have come to the world’s attention more as we see models hitting the runway and celebrities who have some of these conditions. Whether you’re in the spotlight or not, permanent makeup is a great solution for any person looking to smooth out the color in their skin or accentuate the face. Body Sculpting Med Spa uses up-to-date safe technology and maintains a clean sterilized space to ensure the best results.

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