When a person exercises, the body can use up essential compounds and elements. When these are lost, it can put the body out of balance. The muscles can become sore, and the body can become dehydrated. To help minimize damage and replace lost compounds, we recommend our Ultra Max Performance therapy in New York, New York.

The Ultra Max therapy provides rehydration and replenishes content lost during exercise. The treatment injects an IV solution into the bloodstream, allowing it to be absorbed more directly. The solution contains the following:

Vitamin B12 — This compound works alongside B vitamins to produce red blood cells and hemoglobin. Also known as cobalamin, it transforms carbohydrates into energy and helps cell production in the skin, hair, and nails.

Carnitine — These compounds help with metabolism within the cells and the transportation of elements and compounds within the mitochondria.

Magnesium — This element is used throughout the body and can be depleted during exercise. Some of the processes that use magnesium include bone tissue production, inflammation suppression, and helping the patient keep a healthy blood pressure.

If you would like to learn more about how Ultra Max Performance helps the body function normally, call 212-989-6555. Our office can go over this and other treatments available at Body Sculpting Med Spa.

Ultra Max Performance Therapy FAQs

What is the Ultra Max Performance therapy?

This therapy administers compounds, hydration, and elements that have been lost during exercise, all through an IV administered solution.

What symptoms does it help with?

This performance therapy helps relieve depleted elements, water, and compounds that can cause soreness and fatigue.

How much does a therapy treatment cost?

The treatment is $175 per visit.

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