When free radicals and other toxins build up within the body, they can start to interfere with biological processes. These harmful compounds can come from a variety of sources. Some are introduced by the environment in the form of pollution. Others are introduced during the manufacturing of certain products or in food. When free radicals build up within the body, they can cause damage to the cells of the body. When this combines with other strains on the body, like stress or not enough sleep, they can start to interfere with biological processes. To help remove these free radicals and other harmful toxins, we recommend a Royal Flush Detox.

Our Royal Flush Detox IV therapy in New York, New York, injects naturally occurring compounds into the body to help remove harmful toxins. These “flushing” compounds include:

B complex vitamins — These are a series of compounds that are used to produce energy for cells
Vitamin B12 — In addition to being used in essential processes, it can also help improve the health of skin cells, nails, and hair.
Multitrace 5 — This solution combines five elements that help the body’s immune system.
Vitamin C — A vitamin which helps both with the body’s natural healing and the immune system function.
Glutathione — This helps protect against free radicals and improve the immune system.
Taurine — This compound helps the immune system and prevent disease.

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Royal Flush Detox FAQs

What is the Royal Flush Detox?

The Royal Flush Detox therapy introduces compounds using an IV system that helps remove unwanted toxins.

How does it help?

The treatment isolates and removes free radicals and toxins that can harm cells and interfere with biological processes.

How much does it cost?

A Royal Flush IV therapy is $200 per appointment.

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