In order for the body to perform and function normally, it is important to keep it hydrated. Dehydration can easily occur, even in normal, day-to-day work. When a body does not take in enough water, the balance between compounds, functions, and natural processes can start to slow down and become less effective. While symptoms of dehydration can start small, with a dry mouth or lips, your symptoms can quickly worsen. If dehydration continues, it can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, and in some cases, can cause someone to pass out. Help prevent these symptoms and keep your body hydrated with our Cleanse IV therapy in New York, New York.

The Cleanse IV therapy uses a saline solution to rehydrate cells. At an appointment, a patient will receive an injection containing chloride and magnesium, both of which are used in crucial biological processes. IV hydration therapies are commonly used in hospitals, for helping patients remain hydrated during treatment. Football players will also often use hydration therapy during hot, dehydrating games. Each IV treatment lasts about 30 minutes.

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Cleanse IV Therapy FAQs

What is Cleanse IV Therapy?

The treatment uses an IV solution to help rehydrate the body.

How does Cleanse IV work?

Cleanse IV Therapy’s solution contains chloride and magnesium, which help the body function normally, and rehydrates the body’s cells.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cleanse IV Therapy is $75 per treatment.

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