Over the years, science has developed treatments that use stem cells to treat diseases and specific conditions. Today, stem cells can also be used to help you achieve the naturally smoother, more youthful skin that you want.

Here at Body Sculpting Med Spa, our chemist has formulated our own unique stem cell therapy from deep water marine stem cells. Our skin is mostly made up of water, placenta, and collagen. As a result, our stem cell therapy treatment is made up of 80% water to provide our patients with long-term antiaging effects. We are the only body aesthetics facility in the New York area to offer this groundbreaking treatment.

Our doctors begin your stem cell therapy by applying a topical numbing cream to the treatment areas. Once you are numb, we will perform a micro-needling-type of treatment. By using 35 miniscule needles, the skin is forced to create collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in an attempt to repair itself. These three natural proteins also work to rejuvenate the skin tissue and create younger-looking skin.

Stem cell therapy can be used to:

  • Reduce age spots and blemishes
  • Fill in facial hollows and deep, intrusive wrinkles
  • Address skin issues caused by sun exposure
  • Reduce puffiness around and underneath the eyes
  • Improve the skin’s overall texture and tone

After your treatment, you will be able to see progressive improvement after six to eight weeks. This is because the stem cells need time to regenerate as healthy, new skin cells. In general, skin cell therapy is ideal for those who have younger skin because more active stem cells bring better results.

If you would like to learn more about our stem cell therapy in New York, New York, and to set up your free consultation with our doctors, we invite you to contact our office at 212-989-6555.

Stem Cell Therapy FAQs

How do you use stem cells in treatment?

Stem cells are harvested and processed form your own fat using the same methods in both medical and cosmetic treatments. In cosmetic procedures, stem cells are used to hasten recovery, improve skin quality, and enhance the results of other treatment.

How can stem cells enhance non-invasive cosmetic treatments?

There are several ways in which adding stem cells to non-invasive procedures can benefit you:

  • Increased skin tightening. Stem cells help stimulate collagen production, and have the potential to increase the amount of collagen and skin tightening produced by other procedures.
  • Laser resurfacing treatments also benefit from increased collagen production and skin tightening resulting from stem cell therapy.
  • Stem cell therapy helps rejuvenate overlying skin areas treated with laser resurfacing or radiofrequency, smoothing color and decreasing wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Reducing the appearance of scars.

How are stem cells obtained?

Stem cells are gathered from your own fat with minor liposuction performed using a syringe and local anesthesia. We make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable during this procedure. No downtime is required after your stem cells are extracted.

How are stem cells provided to treated areas?

Stem cells are injected into the treated areas using small needles. This procedure is painless and comfortable.

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