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As the skin ages, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear around the forehead and eyes. These lines may be caused by many factors, from exposure to sunlight to loss of tissue to repetitive movement and facial expressions. While people may be familiar with facelifts and BOTOX® treatments, these are not the only options for patients. Body Sculpting Med Spa can treat signs of aging with the help of dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus® in New York, New York.

Like with many JUVÉDERM products, Ultra Plus can be used on various parts of the face, depending on the individual patient’s needs. The gel can be safely injected by our doctor into the dermal tissue, temporarily smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and sunken or sagging skin. This treatment is quick and non-surgical. During the procedure, the site is numbed by the injectable itself, combined with a local anesthetic. This helps avoid discomfort and patients can resume normal activities after their appointment. Cosmetic improvements can start to appear in as little as a day, and they can last an additional six to 15 months.

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What Does the JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus Procedure Treat?

JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus can add volume, smooth both fine lines and minimize deep wrinkles that appear on the face.

When does the procedure take effect, and how long can it last?

Patients can see results immediately after their appointment, with results lasting from six to 15 months.

What are possible side effects?

While side effects are rare, a minority of patients may experience discomfort, bruising or swelling at the site of the injection. Rarer side effects include nodule formation and a blueish tint at the site.

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